Today I wanted to create a new git repository that should contain several subdirectories that each were initially stored as separate git repos. Of course I didn’t want to lose the history. Thanks to user ebneter‘s answer at StackOverflow I was able to do so. These are the steps I took:

mkdir new_combined_repo
git init                           # Make empty new 'container' repo (no need to create a subdir at this point yet)
git remote add oldrepo /path/to/oldrepo
git fetch oldrepo
git checkout -b olddir oldrepo/master
mkdir olddir
git mv stuff olddir/stuff          # as necessary
git commit -m "Moved stuff to olddir"
git checkout master                
git merge olddir                   # should add olddir/ to master
git commit
git remote rm oldrepo
git branch -d olddir               # to get rid of the extra branch before pushing
git push                           # if you have a remote, that is

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