On November 7th I released version 0.2.2 of ProbABEL, a set of programs that allow scientists (usually geneticists and epidemiologists) to run Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) in a fast and efficient way, even on machines with low amounts of RAM.

ProbABEL is part of the GenABEL suite, wich is a set of open source package for statistical genomics. Its main developer is Yurii Aulchenko, my former supervisor at the Erasmus Medical Centre.

This update contains a few small bug fixes and an update of the probabel.pl wrapper script that enables the use of chunked imputation output files as input. For more detailed changes, check the announcement.
For those of you running Ubuntu Linux (or one of its derivatives and probably also Debian) I have set up the GenABEL PPA (personal package archive) where you can download and install the ProbABEL .deb package and stay up to date with future updates.
ProbABEL is also available for MS Windows, although we don’t have much experience running it on that platform.

Development of ProbABEL (and other members of the GenABEL suite) takes place on this R-forge page. If you are in search of an open source project to contribute to, feel free to contact us!

User support for the GenABEL suite can be found at our forum.

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