I’m in the process of moving several of my projects that used Bazaar (bzr) for revision control to Git. Converting a repository from bzr to git is very easy when using the fastimport package. In a Debian-based distribution run the following command to install the package (don’t be fooled by its name, it also contains the fastexport option):

sudo aptitude install bzr-fastimport

The go into the directory that contains your bzr repo and run:

git init
bzr fast-export `pwd` | git fast-import 

You can now check a few things, e.g. running git log to see whether the change log was imported correctly. This is also the moment to move the content of your .bzrignore file to a .gitignore file.

If all is well, let’s clean up:

rm -r .bzr 
git reset HEAD

Thanks to Ron DuPlain for his post here, from which I got most of this info.

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